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Volker Stevin Highways (VSH) Ltd. takes great pride in the partnership with Alberta Transportation to provide superior services to the traveling public throughout Southern Alberta. Below are actual testimonials VSH has recieved from the public.

Al & Debbie S.


                We would like to thank everyone involved in keeping our highways safe. You folks do an awesome job of keeping the snow cleared in the winter and lanes free of hazards all year long.

                 Thank you so very much!

February 14th 2017

Kathleen Hopkins

I would like to let you know that your plow truck drivers deserve a big thank you.


They work hard long hours and they keep the hwy safe and clear, which I know is a tough job.


It’s not like I can stop one of your drivers and thank him/her personally, therefore I hope you will pass this on.

March 6th 2017

Jill Vang

Good Morning,

I wasn't sure who to send this email to, so I'm just going to use this one!!! The reason I'm emailing you is to compliment your snow plow drivers. I live south of Calgary, but travel all over southern Alberta and I'm always so impressed with how fast your plows are to respond when it snows and the amazing job they do. I have lived all over Alberta and have to say Volker Stevin plows do the best job of anywhere I have lived :-) thanks for keeping us safe!!!! 

March 2nd 2017

Shannon Searle-Kuczaj

Hi there,

On days like today we often don't hear that we are doing a good job and if you could please pass this along to the appropriate division that would be awesome!

I just wanted to say that today I had to travel from Calgary to Hussar and back again, so I had to take Hwy 1 and 561. I have to say that Hwy1 was in really good condition and when I was leaving Hussar the road crew were just starting to clear Hwy 561.

Please thank all the hard working people that were out today (away from their loved ones, in the cold), working hard to ensure our safety. They did an amazing job.

Thank you 

February 5th 2017

Ginny Winter

Just wanted to say a big KUDOS and THANK YOU to all the Highway #22, #1A and #1 road crews for keeping our roads in safe driving conditions during these crazy winter/spring days. I travel these highways at least 4x a day and really appreciate their efforts in keeping them salted/sanded/graded, etc.

March 16th 2017

Brett Niawchuk

Just wanted to let you know whatever you're doing to keep the henday clear keep it up. The road conditions today were unbelievably good considering how much snow we've had. Also the North East leg was better than any of the other areas on the Henday.

March 4th 2017

Cindy Chauncey & Mike Clark

The highways are in great shape between Strathmore and Calgary! I hope the crews get some rest soon!

February 7th


My husband was coming home from work, he noticed one of the culverts was frozen/water couldn’t get through under Hwy 24.  We called the county who told us that it was Volker’s responsibility.  We called and one of the supervisors met my husband later that evening to check it out.  He said that he’d keep an eye on it, but it was great to have someone come out that evening to make sure we wouldn’t have issues over the weekend.

March 3rd 2017

Linda Kowalchuk



I've been commuting from High River to Downtown Calgary for the past ten years and during that time there have only been two times that I have not made it to work due to poor road conditions.

I find this remarkable, especially when co-workers can't make it out of their community in Calgary to get downtown.

People often ask me how the roads were and did I have any troubles; my response: Volker Stevin always keeps the highway in great shape, I never have a problem.


Thank you to all of your employees that keep Highway 2 south of Calgary safe. Commuters appreciate you all.


Be safe and take care.

February 3rd 2017