Helping our Communities build a highways towards a stronger future.

Volker Stevin Highways maintains Alberta’s public roads so people can travel safely. Our services impact mobility, and the connection between communities – but it is not only through our services that we are looking to have an impact. We strive to do more than just our work, because giving back to the community that needs, and supports is one of our core values.

Our employees, friends, and families live in the communities we service, and so, we feel a strong connection, and commitment to support local charitable organizations that provide benefit to the whole community. Actively participating in their initiatives, sponsoring their events, and donating time, people, and money are the ways in which we love to help. Volker Stevin Highways proudly builds roads towards success and gives opportunities for community growth.

Kids Cancer Care logo

Kids Cancer Care, Close to our Hearts

Kids Cancer Care is one of the largest childhood cancer research funders in Canada. The foundation offers year-round, and summer camp outreach programs, and services to Alberta families. They are dedicated to supporting the entire continuum of childhood cancer, fighting the disease on all fronts, with laughter at camp, the best treatments at the hospital, innovative science in the lab, and brighter futures through education support and post-secondary scholarships.

Team Highwaymen in the 2019 Camp Kindle Pursuit fundraiser for Kids Cancer Care

The Volker Stevin Highways team participated in the 2018, and 2019 Camp Kindle Pursuit fundraisers. Through generous donations of friends, family, co-workers, and suppliers the team was able to raise a combined total of almost $ 8,000 for Kids Cancer Care.

Highway Cleanup

A crew of Volker Stevin Highways employees have adopted a 3 km stretch of highway in memory of Dave Christmas, a beloved former employee of the Volker Stevin family who passed away in 2011. Twice a year, this team gets together to clean up the east bound ditch near Taber, Alberta.

Volker Stevin Highways crew standing infront of a sign for In Loving Memory of David Christmas
Cochrane Lions Club Rodeo Logo

Cochrane Rodeo

For many years now Volker Stevin Highways has been a proud sponsor of the Cochrane Lions Labour Day Rodeo. This Rodeo brings together many of the Alberta (and beyond) rodeo communities, for one of the toughest amateur rodeo events in Canada. The funds raised through this rodeo help the Cochrane Lions Club support local causes, and initiatives that our important to the community.

University Hospital Foundation Logo

University Hospital Foundation

Since 2020, Volker Stevin Highways has supported the Edmonton-based University Hospital Foundation. The UHF raises funds to advance patient care, and research at the University of Alberta Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and Kaye Edmonton Clinic. With 1 in 4 Canadians likely to experience some form of heart disease in their lifetime, the amazing work that is done in these institutes impact on all our families, and we proudly support this great cause. February is heart month, and Volker Stevin Highways is supporting as a Friend of the Maz.