The Bridges & Infrastructure Division focuses on high quality solutions that provide long term benefits.


At Volker Stevin Highways, we strive to build, and maintain long-term relationships with our clients based on safety, quality, value, trust, and timely service. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our clients, professional associates, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our culture of building and maintaining successful partnerships instills confidence in achieving both employee, and client goals.

Bridges & Infrastructure

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High quality solutions that provide long term benefits.

The Bridges & Infrastructure Division of Volker Stevin Highways provides construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and engineering services for roadways, bridges, water structures, and related works. Our focus is on high quality solutions that provide long term benefits.

What we do in bridges & infrastructure

Bridge Maintenance

Volker Stevin Highways provides bridge maintenance services to the southern and central regions of Alberta Transportation, and many other public, and private partners. Regular maintenance activities assist in the preservation of our vast transportation network. These activities include a diverse scope of work requiring a unique set of skills, accompanied by extensive experience. Our Clients continually rely on us to deliver practical solutions that look to extend the life of a constantly growing bridge inventory.

Southern Alberta Longview bridge repair

Southern Alberta Longview bridge repair

HWY 40 over HWY 1: Concrete Repairs

This project included the rehabilitation of a major crossing over HWY 1 with a deck area of 630 square meters. Highway 40 has average weekend traffic volumes of 2,834 vehicles per day with Highway 1 seeing nearly 30,000 vehicles per day. Almost 50 specific bid items were identified by Alberta Transportation’s representative, and the resulting product will extend the life of the structure significantly.

HWY 547 over the Bow River: Strip-deck Replacement

VSH replaced the timber sub-deck, and strip-deck on the existing trusses with a total length of 160 meters. The whole area repaired was approximately 640 square meters with a total timber weight of approximately 70 tonnes.

Bridge Construction

Laycock Park pedestrian bridge, Calgary

Laycock Park pedestrian bridge, Calgary

Laycock Park: Pedestrian Bridge

The Laycock Park pedestrian bridge re-connects Calgary’s north-to-south regional pathway. It also creates neighbourhood access after damage was sustained to the existing structure from the 2013 Flood. The main beams are made of Alaskan Yellow Cedar spanning 37 meters over West Nose Creek and are some of the largest in Canada.

Lasthill Creek bridge girder installation

Lasthill Creek bridge girder installation

Lasthill Creek: Bridge Construction

The existing three-span bridge was at the end of it’s service life. VSH was contracted to remove the existing structure, and construct a single-span bridge with driven steel piles, cast-in-place concrete elements throughout, 20.0 m long precast concrete girders, and an asphalt wearing surface. This structure provides a critical connection for the farming community in the area, and will be in service for multiple generations.

Water Infrastructure

Travers Outlet construction

Travers Outlet construction

St. Mary River Irrigation District: Drop 1 Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the St. Mary River Irrigation District’s Drop 1 Structure on the main canal reach included replacement of the upper concrete slab. 17 tonnes of reinforcing steel, and 400 tonnes of new concrete were installed in the area during winter construction conditions.

Alberta Infrastructure: Travers Outlet Construction

This project included construction of a three-cell, cast-in-place outlet structure with custom fabricated bulkheads. We used nearly 100 tonnes of reinforcing steel, and 2,700 tonnes of concrete to complete this contract successfully.

Bridge Size Culvert Installation & Maintenance

Pigeon Creek culvert replacement

Pigeon Creek culvert replacement

Local Road over Pigeon Creek: Culvert Replacement

This contract was to replace the existing Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe (SPCSP) damaged in the 2013 Flood. The new structure is a twin 4.37 meter-wide by 2.87 meter-tall SPCSP arch with a length of 35 meters.

HWY 11 over Bighorn River: Culvert Maintenance

The primary purpose of this contract was to construct, and stabilize the riverbanks with heavy rock riprap, and install culvert floor protection using Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe (SPCSP), and grout. Approximately 1,600 cubic meters of Class 2/3 riprap was installed along with 220 square meters of abrasion plates.

Specialized Equipment Rentals

Sample Creek culvert replacement sample

Sample Creek culvert replacement sample

Specialized Equipment Rentals

Volker Stevin Highways owns a state-of-the-art fleet of bridge inspection, and construction equipment. With our in-house maintenance teams, and facilities, we keep our equipment in excellent working order, and are proud to offer it for rent.

Custom quotes

Custom quotes are available to meet your bridge access, and construction needs. Please contact us to learn more.

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