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Highway Maintenance

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Snow & Ice Control

  Volker Stevin Highways Ltd. provides winter maintenance services on approximately ¼ of the provincial highway (8,000 km) network in the province of Alberta. In order to meet the harsh demands of Alberta winters Volker Stevin utilizes a large variety of equipment including plow trucks equipped with two-way front mount plows, left and right hand wings, pre-wetting systems, anti-icing systems, Automated Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS) and some of the most advanced spreader control systems available in the industry today.  Employing a fully trained and experienced staff operating out of 28 snow plow maintenance facilities in Southern Alberta Volker Stevin is able to ensure the provincial level of service requirements are not only achieved but exceeded.

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Surface & Right of Way Maintenance

  During the spring, summer and fall months Volker Stevin provides maintenance and repairs to the surface of the highways, parks and canals on both paved and gravel. This work includes major activities such as:

  • Paving
  • Crack-sealing
  • Spray patching
  • Pothole patching
  • Line and Message painting
  • Roadway blading and gravelling
  • Road way and median sweeping
  • Bridge washing
  • Overhead Lighting Maintenance

 Other activities also include culvert inspection, cleaning and maintenance, debris removal, graffiti removal and rest room maintenance.

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Sign Installation, Inspection & Upkeep

  Volker Stevin is responsible for the repair, replacement and maintenance of all the signs and their support structures within the provincial highway right-of-way, canals and provincial parks in Southern Alberta. This maintenance includes checking signs for straightness and adjusting as required. During the scheduled road patrols any signs and their support structures requiring repairs are documented with follow-up repairs being scheduled.  Each of the 28 maintenance facilities stock an inventory of commonly used signs and support structures allowing quick reaction time for most repairs when required. Washing of all the signs is completed throughout the winter months between winter storm events. 


Vegetation Management

In order to manage and control the vegetation in the right-of-way alongside provincial highways, canals and inside the provincial parks Volker Stevin performs mowing and trimming, weed spraying (where appropriate) and brush control as required. These vegetation control measures are completed to help manage weed growth as well as to ensure public safety is not put at risk due to visibility restrictions from vegetation within the highway right of way.

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Barrier Installation & Preservation

Volker Stevin is responsible for the repair, replacement and maintenance of all the barrier devices including w-beam guardrail, cable rail and jersey barriers within the provincial highway right-of-way, canals and provincial parks in Southern Alberta. With an experienced and fully trained staff barrier repair, installation, removal and maintenance projects ranging from a few meters in length to several hundred metres in length are performed in a cost effective and safe manner. Keeping a large stock of inventory at many of its facilities throughout Southern Alberta ensures repairs can be completed in a timely manner.


Traffic Accommodation & Emergency Response

  Volker Stevin provides 24/7 emergency response to all traffic control requests and incidents on provincial highways for both public and private customers. All of the Highway Maintenance staff are fully trained and certified flag people. Complimented by portable programmable message boards, arrow boards, traffic lights and emergency sign packages Volker Stevin is able to respond to all types of emergencies and incidents including accident scenes, spill response, lane closures etc.

  With the development of a large Traffic Accommodation Strategy library, Volker Stevin is able to perform traffic control according to the requirements of the Alberta Transportation “Traffic Accommodation in Work Zones Manual”. This library ensures traffic control is performed safely and efficiently while minimizing any further hazards to the travelling public.

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Road Monitoring

  Following established road patrol schedules based on traffic volumes, Volker Stevin performs road patrols on all of the 8,000 km's of road it is responsible for. During these road patrols Volker Stevin Highways Maintenance operators are not only checking and observing the road surface for any hazards or repairs required they are also checking all of the appurtenances within the provincial right-of-way. All of these observations are documented allowing the proper management and scheduling of work to take place. This process of follow-up maintenance repair activities ensures repairs are conducted in a timely and cost effective manner, helping to extend the life and investment of public infrastructure and enhances safety by completing repairs before they become a hazard to the public.